About us


Our mission is to empower individuals from all walks of life to embrace the joy of two wheels. 

The Chichester Bike Project is built on bike donations from the generous people of Chichester, which are then repaired by our workshop attendees and volunteers and rehomed within our community. We aim to help people from all areas of the Chichester District to get out on two wheels and for it to be an inclusive and empowering experience for them.

We offer invaluable support through our community and volunteer-led workshops working with young people and adults from all backgrounds to build confidence, develop life skills and provide work experience.

The project will:

  • Provide voluntary and paid employment opportunities
  • Offer access to learning and skills in the local community with a chance to gain accredited qualifications in cycle mechanics, creating opportunities to enhance employability.
  • Offer young, un-employed and low-income participants access to free donated bicycles as a means of sustainable transport.
  • Encourage a hands-on approach to cycle ownership by giving basic maintenance knowledge to participants through the guidance of our skilled volunteers.
  • Encourage skill-sharing and independence, where new skills are learned in a way that is empowering for all.
  • Economically repair donated bikes and offer them for sale to the community at reasonable prices to fund the project.
  • Encourage cycling as a lifestyle activity and a sustainable means of transport in the community and surrounding area encouraging healthy lifestyles.
  • Empower people within our community by providing access to a sustainable transport option.


After extensive community consultation, Chichester Community Development Trust found that cycle use nationally is showing a steep increase. We observed that for those of limited means or on low incomes, there is limited availability, of low-priced, second-hand bikes, that are in sound condition, or good quality, and have been safely checked. There is also a national shortage of qualified cycle mechanics.

Cycling can enable exploration beyond an individual’s immediate neighbourhood by providing a means of independent transport giving the freedom to travel locally and beyond – to college, and work. It also cuts across social boundaries, enabling people to meet others with like-minded interests that otherwise would not be realised.

Having worked with a number of bike projects, similar social businesses and schemes across the country, CCDT identified that there could be an opportunity to deliver the project in dedicated premises with the provision of the Chichester Bike Project, which has the potential to increase recycling of bikes locally, and to develop city-wide objectives and community development opportunities.

Following this consultation and research, Chichester CDT embarked on this exciting venture at our Shopwhyke community facility. With a dedicated team of eager volunteers, boundless enthusiasm, and a helping hand from Sport England, the Chichester Bike Project has become a reality.


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