second hand BIKES


Searching for an affordable bike option that won’t break the bank? Purchase one of our fully restored bicycles, and your investment will not only provide you with a quality ride but also contribute to enabling others to enjoy cycling. 

If you’d like to purchase a bike from the Chichester Bike Project during our pilot phase, you may either donate £75, for Shopwkye Lake residents, or £100, for those outside the area. Each donation includes a bike offered as-is, which may require repairs and adjustments, but also grants you a share in the Chichester Bike Project. Once the project is fully funded, you’ll have access to workshops where you can learn bike repair skills and maintaining and upgrading this bike. Your support will help us further our mission of transforming communities through sustainable transportation solutions.

To donate go to: Once you’ve made your donation, please email [email protected] when we can arrange for you to choose and collect your bike.

Once the investment target has been reached, refurbished and ready to ride bikes will be available for sale from The Chichester Bike Project, which we hope will be open daily from September 2024. This offer is capped to a maximum of 70 bikes.